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SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit will be taken prior to rental departure. This deposit will be refunded within 5 business days of the rental’s return after the unit has been inspected and approved by the service department. All damage costs will be deducted from the security deposit. Damage cost estimates will be provided by RV Canada’s service department, amounts over and above the security deposit will be charged to the renter.

CANCELATIONS: No refund of the reservation deposit shall be given in the event of a rental cancelation as of 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date. Any cancelation 31 days or more prior to the scheduled departure date will have 50% of the reservation deposit returned.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLE ORIENTATION: An RV orientation DVD will be provided prior to departure by RV Canada and must be viewed prior to departure by all “DRIVERS”. In addition a brief presentation of the unit will be provided at the time of vehicle pickup.

DRIVER’S LICENSE / AGE REQUIREMENT: The minimum driver age is 25 years. All drivers must provide a copy of a valid driver’s license from his/her country of residence and must be listed in the rental contract. An international driver’s license is recommended for all drivers who are not residents of Canada or the United States.

INSURANCE: A statutory automobile liability insurance against third party claims is included in the basic rental fee, with a $2,000 deductible. Complete coverage and waivers are subject to the terms and conditions of the rental contract and RV Canada’s insurance provider.

TAXES: All rental charges are subject to HST at the rate of 13%.

MOTOR FUEL: RV Canada makes no representations as to fuel consumption; Motor homes are supplied with a full tank of fuel and propane. If the rental unit is returned with less fuel or propane than on departure he/she will be charged for that amount of fuel plus a fuel surcharge fee of $100.

SUBSTITUTIONS: If, for any reason beyond the company’s control, the reserved vehicle is not available, RV Canada reserves the right to substitute a vehicle of equivalent value or offer a higher rated vehicle at no additional cost. Should a lower rated vehicle be substituted, the company’s only responsibility is to refund the difference between the two vehicles. Although this is not frequent, accidents or mechanical repairs may force substitutions.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Rentals must be returned to the RV Canada, Ottawa location on the agreed upon date and time. If rentals are not returned to this location, the renter will be held liable for all costs associated with the return of that rental unit.

It is the driver’s responsibility at each refueling stop to check engine oil, coolant and other fluids and top them up to the required levels. Tire pressure and lights must also be checked periodically. Authorized maintenance expenses incurred will be reimbursed at the time of vehicle return with original, valid, receipts only.

TRAVEL IN RESTRICTED AREAS: Vehicles are not permitted to enter Mexico at any time. Travel to Death Valley is limited to the low season, October to April, due to extremely high temperatures which can cause system failures. Renters assume all responsibility for any expense or loss of time while travelling in restricted areas. Travelling to the Northwest Territories, Yukon, or Alaska is permitted, with the exception of some areas and certain Highways where restrictions apply. Travel plans to the Northwest Territories, Yukon, or Alaska have to be confirmed in advance and are subject to a surcharge.

NORTHERN SURCHARGE: There is a surcharge of $800. for rentals starting from Ottawa with permission to travel on/in:Alaska Highway North of Port St-John, British Columbia,  Cassiar Highway (#37) North of Meziadin Junction, British ColumbiaHighway 35 North of Peace River Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, NewfoundlandQuebec & Labrador North and East of Sept IslesVehicles for Northern Travel must be expressly requested and confirmed at the time of reservation; customers who travel to restricted areas without prior written permission will be subject to a $1,500 penalty and will void all insurance coverage.

NO TOWING PERMITTED.                                                                                     


NO SMOKING PERMITTED INSIDE THE RENTAL UNIT.